“Webisode” is a Stupid Word

Over my years of wasting time on the internet, I have become a fan of a fair number of web series, which have often become important to my sense of humor. So, I just thought that I’d list some that I’m particularly fond of. No real reason. Just getting into the spirit of this whole internet sharing thing. I’m sure many of these are already familiar to those who are more internet-savvy than me, but whatever.


Red vs Blue

Red vs Blue is a machinima series, which means that it uses footage captured from a video game to create an original story. It’s been going on for nine seasons now, and it’s probably one of the more well-known series on the internet. It’s about a group of mostly incompetent soldiers locked in an endless and pointless struggle. It’s really funny and, in the later seasons, it actually develops into a pretty interesting story as well.


That Guy With the Glasses

TGWTG is a site that I originally went to only to watch the Nostalgia Critic, a series of comical reviews of bad movies from the eighties and nineties. However, over the years, the site has adopted a huge number of reviewers of various mediums who have varying styles. Some are angry. Some are analytical. Most are pretty funny.



This is the home of the Angry Video Game Nerd, who does angry reviews of old video games. He’s similar to TGWTG and occasionally crosses over with that site. He’s also often credited as the original person to do his style of angry reviews on the internet, though this is debatable. Regardless, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.


Zero Punctuation

A somewhat different type of angry review series for modern games. These are short, fast-paced, and almost always negative. I don’t always agree with the things he says, but I usually don’t care because he’s just too funny.


Homestar Runner

This is a strange one. It’s a series of bizzare flash cartoons that I’ve been a fan of since middle school. It doesn’t really update anymore, but I felt like I should include it since it’s pretty much the first web series I started following.


DBZ The Abridged Series

This series, I love because of how nostalgic it is for me. It’s my favorite of the various “Abridged Series” on the internet. It’s basically Dragon Ball Z, except shorter and funnier. Yeah, that’s basically it.



Probably the nerdiest thing I can admit to watching. And, even then, I’m on the fence about it. A “Let’s Play” is a like a player’s commentary for a video game. “Retsupurae” is like a commentary on a commentary for a video game. They’re sort of like Mystery Science Theater 3000, except they comment on horrible internet videos instead of horrible movies. They’re kind of mean-spirited from time to time but, overall, I think they’re pretty funny.



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